Tir na nOg Preschool

Tir na nog Highscope Pre-school and Montessori

Children arriving

Exercise Time - Daily Physical Exercise Programme, Marching, Hopping, Clapping, Skipping, Musical Movement, Dancing, Singing, Counting, Rhymes etc.

Circle Time - Roll call, Morning Greeting Songs, Our News, Group Discussion around various themes, naming of Daily Helpers – Weather Report Person, Library Helpers, Lunch Helpers etc.

Planning Time - Divide into small groups and the children discuss what activities they would like to pursue at Work Time.

Work Time - Children engage in enjoyable activities in the area of their choice. They may choose to work independently or in small groups. Children are encouraged to returns materials to designated storage places before starting another plan. During the week children are encouraged to visit all the work areas in order to broaden their horizon and provide different opportunities for creativity and learning. Adults support children at their work.

Tidy up time - Children are encouraged to participate in cleaning up and preparation for lunch.

Library Time - Children looking at variety of books at their tables.

Lunch Time - Children enjoy their healthy lunch.

Small Group Time – Montessori Activities, Pre-reading, Pre- maths and Early Science Activities.

Outdoor Time - Children have fun outdoors. Outdoor time may vary depending on weather, time of year etc. In Tir na Nog we feel that the outdoors it of vital importance to the overall development of the child.

Circle Time - Stories, Singing and Musical Instruments, Rhymes and home.

Activities Nature: Planting, Sowing, Birdwatching
Playdough Construction
Painting Jigsaws
Drawing Practical Life Skills
Arts and Crafts Books, Puppets and Stories.
Daily Physical Exercise Shapes
Musical Movement Colours
Singing Treading
Rhymes Pegboards
Sand Pre-reading, Pre-maths and Early Science Activities.
Water Lots of Outdoor Sporting Activities.
Pretend Play